Search and Rescue Assistance 2017-09-18T17:53:20+00:00

Our brave police and firemen are always ready to help those in need, but at times their equipment and training is not enough to truly help in times of emergency that require the use of an eye in the sky. When our emergency forces have learned of an unfortunate case of disappearance, it can be difficult to properly comb a large amount of land and find this missing person, and that is where Wolf Drones is here to help!

We are fully prepared to work alongside the emergency forces and dispatch an sUAS to the area directed by the rescue party. With incredibly high quality, wide angle cameras, experienced pilots and the advantage of quick speed an aerial view, we can cover ten times the ground of a search party. Of course the police could use a helicopter for their mission, but the costs of our quick, maneuverable and efficient drones are but a fraction in comparison to such a large, loud and bulky piece of equipment. With the best in drone technology we can quickly discover the location of the missing person and transmit their exact coordinates to the rescue party for a swift, painless and easy rescue!

By using our search and rescue services you are giving the missing individual a much higher chance of rescue, reducing their risk of harm and planting seeds of hope in those anxiously awaiting their return. And besides all that, our service will save you time and manpower that could be greatly needed in another emergency situation.