Thermal Commercial Building and Roofing Inspections 2017-09-18T15:58:27+00:00

Faster, Cheaper, More Reliable Data.

Wolf Drones uses the highest-end FLIR systems for locating leaking sources, moisture, or other anomalies with high precision.

Our IR (Infrared) cameras have 327,680 high-accuracy Radiometric Microbolometers, allowing us to measure temperature with a low degree of error at extremely specific points. Using this technology, we can provide you with more accurate results than traditional methods.

Due to the nature of our operations, results can be generated at a more cost-efficient, safer, and cheaper way. Our services are unobtrusive, allowing for normal business operation with no slowdowns. We are able to inspect areas that would otherwise be dangerous or extremely expensive such as towers, steep-sloped roofs, unstable surfaces, and others.

Using the data we collect, we will provide a detailed thermal report complying to the questions and needs of the client. We can provide you with these reports in days instead of weeks, depending on your project.

Our pilots are dedicated to making sure detailed, accurate, and measurable data is captured to be turned into an in-depth analysis thermal report of the client’s commercial structure or facility. Using our thermal reports, the client can make better judgments on repair evaluations, warranty claims, and bids.

Wolf Drones also offers Bi-Annual and Annual inspections, allowing the client to have their commercial structure or facility to be inspected on a scheduled basis to generate a report for insurance, repair evaluations, warranty claims, savings on electric bills, and bids.

In-depth, Easy to Read Thermal Reports.